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A love song. A scary love song.


He likes to hide himself away
Prefers the inside to the outside
And that's okay
And when he has to go outside
There's always something to annoy him
Every day

Rude people, Children being loud,
Late buses, Noisy queues and crowds
He has cover up his ears to block the sound
But that's okay
Cos he prefers it that way
Silent in his own brain
Where nobody else can see the things he sees
He can imagine he's
The only person in these scenes
And that helps him to make it through the day
With his hands over his ears he drifts away
And that's okay

He always eats at the same place
He likes the waitress with the kind face
Yeah, she's okay
Orders the same things every day
The waitress always brings a smile
When she brings the plates

She is the one good thing outside
He thinks about her all the time
He steals a fork she touched and adds it to the shrine
And that's okay
Cos he prefers just dreaming
Shielded from reality
He builds his fantasy and hides away
Because it's safer that way
She must never know just how he
Thinks about her every single day
Things are just fine as they are, that's how they'll stay
And that's okay.

Just living life in his own way
He could be you or I with the smallest twist of fate

There is a bus stop on the road
He can watch it from his window
And that's okay
Sometimes he'd like to have a friend
Maybe his waitress would be willing
That would be great

They would eat chocolate all the time
Although he'd have to hide the shrine or tell her "it's a gift!
I'm so glad that you're mine
Cos you're okay"

Yes he'd could put it that way
She could be his best mate
And his sexual fantasy at the same time.
He would show her his hobbies
Taxidermy, reading comics
She could cook his meals every day
If he could only find the bravery to say
"You're okay"


released September 11, 2013



all rights reserved


Alistair J. Pearson Doncaster, UK

Following a bilateral lung transplant in 2010, I started making loads of noise. The only way you will be able to find out what I do is to listen to my songs. You might even like it. My mum does.

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